Sunday, March 3, 2013

Google Glass: The Future of Eyewear?

Its been a year since the prototype was first announced, but the Google Glass has finally arrived. Despite its name, the Google Glass is a lightweight, lens-less frame that has all of the function of your smart phone and more.

The Google Glass can do everything from checking your calendars to recording videos. This was put to the test on the Diane von Furstenburg Spring/Summer 2013 runway show. Models walked out in the latest DVF styles while recording the show through their individual glass. This footage will later be compiled into a short film, giving a whole new meaning to high tech meets high fashion.

The Google Glass aims to seamlessly integrate technology into our lives in a way that doesn't take away from our ability to stay connected to the outside world, giving a new function to eyewear and changing the way that we experience technology.  Watch the video below to get a more in-depth look at how these glasses function.

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