Thursday, March 28, 2013

How to Rock the Chunky Frame Look!

Large-framed glasses are making a come back. Read more to find out how to get the right frame for you—and how to pull them off!

1. If your a first time glasses buyer, try a frame that more subtle and slim first. Once you get used to your freshly framed face, try a look that is more chunky for this trend.

2. Not all frames were created equal. Don't buy unless you've tried the frames on, as they may look great in the picture but look differently once they're on your face. Head over to for our At Home Try-On and Virtual Try-On services to pick the frame that's perfect for your face.

3. With the chunky frame look, it's all about the shape. If you have a rounder face, try a more geometric frame to compliment it, and vice versa if you have a more angled face.

4. We know that the look is called geek chic, but choose glasses that will make you look smarter, not nerdier! Try tortoiseshell frames for a mature, elegant look.

5. The chunky frame look is all about making a statement. So rock the look with confidence and be prepared for comments and compliments!


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  2. where can i buy the same exact frame like in the picture, the last bottom one?



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